Learn about what Plasma is, how it works, and how to best get started.

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What is Plasma?

Plasma is a trustless payment rail that makes sending funds on Ethereum fast and nearly free. It works like this:

  • Users deposit funds onto a smart contract.
  • Users send funds by sending transactions to a Plasma node rather than the main Ethereum blockchain. These transactions confirm almost instantly.
  • Users can withdraw their funds from the smart contract at any time. If the Plasma node goes down or otherwise tries to cheat, all users can securely exit at once without losing the funds they transacted on the Plasma node.

This project implements the Plasma node itself and a suite of client libraries that make integration simple. Our partners at FourthState Labs implemented the smart contract.


We’re aiming to meet the following goals with Plasma:

  • Facilitate instant, low-fee payments for any amount.
  • Make integrating Plasma simple.
  • Create a vibrant, accessible open-source community to bring production-ready layer two scaling technology to as many developers as possible.

Next Steps

What do you want to build? You can:

Run a Plasma node for your dApp:

Root Node Installation

Integrate your dApp with an existing Plasna node:

JavaScript Client

Learn more about Plasma, its security tradeoffs, and our architecture:

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