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This is the JavaScript SDK for Kyokan's Plasma implementation. Plasma enables instant, low-fee, trustless payments on the Ethereum blockchain.

Getting Started


First, install the Node module via NPM or yarn:

npm install --save kyokan-plasma-client
# or
yarn add kyokan-plasma client

Since the client is written in Typescript, type definitions are included inside the package itself.


You'll need the following things to use Plasma:

  1. A Web3 instance that supports signing, either through a custom Web3 provider or by pointing to an Ethereum node with unlocked accounts.
  2. The hostname and port of a running plasmad node.
  3. The address of the Plasma smart contract.
  4. Your private key.

Once you have those things, create an instance of the Plasma class like this:

import Plasma from 'kyokan-plasma-client';

const web3 = new Web3('...');

const client = new Plasma({
    web3: web3,
    contractAddress: '0x123abc',
    rootUrl: 'localhost:6545',
    privateKey: '0x12345',

To deposit funds, use the deposit() method:

// all values are in Wei
const depositReceipt = await client.deposit('1000000000000000000');

To spend that deposit, pass in the depositNonce included in the receipt to send:

const tx = await client.send('0x1234', '999', '0', depositReceipt.nonce);

To send funds once you've spent your deposits, simply call send without a depositNonce. The client will pick the correct UTXOs and spend them for you.

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