We aim to create a production-ready, pluggable Plasma library any developer can use to create scalable decentralized applications. Creating a DApp that uses the latest in scalability technology shouldn’t be more than an apt-get away.

We currently have a proof-of-concept running against the Rinkeby testnet. Users are able to deposit, send transactions, and withdraw from the sidechain successfully.

Q3 2018

Testnet Proof-of-Concept TESTNET

  • Proof-of-concept deposits, transactions, and exits completed.
  • Testnet deployment of one root node and two validators.
Q4 2018

Productionization Push TESTNET

  • CI builds on every pull request.
  • Nightly builds.
  • Increase unit test coverage to 80%.
  • Deploy binaries to Ubuntu and Yum repositories.
  • gRPC communication between nodes.
Q1 2019

Mainnet Deployment MAINNET

  • Perform and respond to security audit.
  • Deploy smart contract and a hosted Plasma node to mainnet.
Q2 2019

Additional Models TESTNET

  • Support Plasma Cash as a plugin.