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Open Issues

Ganache Leading Zeroes

When running plasma against a Ganache testnet, you may run into the following crash:

json: cannot unmarshal hex number with leading zero digits into Go struct field Log.logIndex of type hexutil.Uint

This is due to a bug in the latest Ganache daemon in which certain hexadecimal numbers are incorrectly prefixed with zeroes, which causes serialization code imported from the geth package to panic. The workaround is to downgrade your Ganache client to version 6.1.6.

There is an open issue against Ganache to track this bug:

Block Creation Race Condition

A Plasma block submitted via an on-chain deposit may enter the blockchain before a block from the root node is submitted, thus leading to block numbers in the Plasma contract and in the sidechain being incorrect. To mitigate this issue, we are working on a change to the Plasma protocol in which new deposits are submitted to a special ‘deposit balance’ account in the smart contract in order to allow the root node time to include deposits properly.

Resolved Issues

Sybil Transaction Attack: Fixed

Old implementations were vulnerable to the Sybil attack described at We have added signatures from the root node to every transaction in order to mitigate this issue.